Mobile POS Mobile POS
Eliminate the need to wait at a stationary terminal to enter orders or process payments. Focus Mobile POS enables your wait staff to provide on-the-spot service and memorable dining experiences.
iPad POS iPad POS
Focus iPad POS gives your staff the ease of use of the intuitive Apple interface and full-featured Focus POS software. This versatile combination can be used as traditional, stationary POS or for tableside applications.
Tablet POS Tablet POS
Your tablet can function as a stationary POS terminal or enable you to take orders tableside, process payments at the table, line bust, and more. Training is easy since staff will already be familiar with the interface.
Multi Check Dashboard Multi-Check Dashboard
Revolutionize check handling and efficiency and productivity by managing checks from tables and delivery from one screen, and perform multiple check functions on multiple checks without closing the dashboard.
Online Ordering Online Ordering
Focus Online Ordering integrates with your POS, eliminating the need for an employee to enter orders and enabling the kitchen staff expedite food prep and have orders ready on time.
nFocus Report Dashboard nFocus Report Dashboard
The nFocus Dashboard provides and overview of the restaurant’s operations as well as detailed reports. It also features one-click icons for commonly used functions such as employees, time cards, and scheduling.
Focus as a Subscription Focus as a Subscription
Focus as a Subscription provides your restaurant with the same features of Focus POS on a monthly, subscription basis, lowering upfront costs and risk. With FAAS, you pay as you go.