Quick Service POS Built for Speed

The quick service industry requires employees to work at faster pace and more efficiently than ever before. During peak periods many quick service restaurants have lines out the front door and cars bumper-to-bumper in the drive-through lane. All it takes is a simple slip up (giving a customer the wrong drink, forgetting to apply a coupon or charging the wrong amount) to cause costly customer service delays and the potential to lose loyal customers.

Focus Quick Service POS offers an intuitive, intelligent interface to streamline order-taking, shave precious seconds off of service times, and easily train new employees. With turnover rates in the fast food industry sometimes rising over 100%, a quick service POS that is easy to learn is imperative when you are constantly onboarding new staff.

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Focus POS Has the Quick Service POS System You Need

Designed for the quick service industry, the Focus POS system allows restaurants to monitor and reduce service times. Conversational ordering and order confirmation capabilities speed up service by allowing both existing employees and new hires to engage in quick, easy conversations with customers to ensure their orders are completed correctly.

Easily manage multiple revenue centers—the counter, the drive-through window and your online orders—on any screen in the store. Send orders from the point of sale system directly to the kitchen printers or kitchen display systems to streamline food production. Keep an eye on your business by running real time reports to monitor cash shortages, inventory shrinkage, comps and voids.

Software Screenshots

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Top Focus POS Features for the Quick Service Industry

The Focus POS quick service POS system can be configured to support your unique quick service restaurant requirements. With Focus POS, you get the features you need to provide exceptional customer service at the register or the drive-through window:

  • Online ordering integration
  • Fingerprint logins
  • Countdown items
  • One behind ordering
  • Drive-through check recall
  • Blind checkouts
  • Security camera interface