Pizza POS is a Convenient Solution For Your Customers and Business

Pizza has always been a popular dish. It comes in a variety of styles and can feature different crusts, toppings, and sizes. People usually order pizza when they are looking for a convenient meal. Whether a pizzeria offers a dine-in area, pick up, delivery, or a combination of the three, every customer demands two things: speed and customizability.

This is where a pizza POS system can help. Focus POS offers intuitive pizza point of sale software that streamlines the order and delivery processes for employees. In addition to making sure the pizza gets to the customer while it’s still hot, a pizza POS system also helps ensure that drivers take the correct orders to the proper customers. Focus’s POS systems are specifically designed to help pizza shop owners enhance the profitability and efficiency of their businesses.

As important as speed and accuracy are for pizzerias, owners are also concerned with inventory, sales, payment options, marketing, and a multitude of other things. Even though every pizza shop sells the same type of product, customers and ownership know that every pizza is unique. That is why Focus POS designs pizza POS software that is as customizable as a pizza’s toppings.

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Software Screenshots

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Speed of Service

  • Recall previous orders
  • Additional sale suggestions
  • Modifiers for custom orders
  • Organize accounts by household

Carryout and Delivery

  • Integrated caller ID
  • Easy-to-navigate maps
  • Quickly look up addresses and delivery zones
  • Driver insurance and license expiration warnings


  • Generate detailed business reports
  • Automatically receive reports at convenient times
  • Inventory updates