A Frozen Yogurt POS Designed to Meet Both Business and Customer Expectation

When your customers want a creamy and flavorful yogurt dessert or smoothie, a frozen yogurt POS system from Focus POS will help you deliver. Customers are looking to customize their creations with a variety of toppings, candies, and mix-n-match flavors. The Focus POS system allows your business to keep inventory organized so that you never run out of favorite ingredients, and integration with food-safe scales that are NTEP-certified allows your customers to pay by the ounce.

During busy seasons that include particularly hot days when customer traffic will be at its peak, Focus POS allows your employees to take quick and accurate transactions, keeping orders flowing, and customer wait times at a minimum.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

In an industry with high employee turnover rates, your frozen yogurt POS system must streamline the training process. Focus POS has an intuitive interface that allows your employees to be trained quickly and efficiently. New employees can manage the POS confidently, without slowing down service.

Easy-to-use tools allow for fast order processing. Customizable menu screens with modifiers, adjustable recipes, and detailed order tickets, help your employees service customers quickly and accurately. These tools help remove your employee’s focus from navigating technology, to delivering the customer experience that will turn your best customers into loyal customers. Additionally, our customer loyalty program encourages repeat traffic through a rewards program, and Focus POS’ gift card management helps drive new traffic and increases brand awareness.

Software Screenshots

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Frozen Yogurt POS Features

Focus POS configurable POS solutions allow you to choose the right features to optimize your business operations, including:

  • Simplified checkout process to keep orders flowing
  • Customizable menu boards
  • Integration with food-safe NTEP-certified scales
  • Options for printable and smart recipe viewing
  • Management of customer loyalty and gift cards
  • Efficient employee scheduling tools
  • Automated inventory tracking
  • Remote monitoring and text message alerts