Table Service Table Service
Our table service POS system provides a variety of features that help to increase average ticket size, increase table turnover, improve customer service, and streamline food preparation.
Bar Bars
Patrons frequent bars and night clubs to unwind, the last thing they want to do is wade through crowds and wait in lines. The ability to manage tabs efficiently is critical to streamlining speed of service.
Cafes Cafés
Unlike traditional restaurants, cafés and coffee shops receive most of their traffic in the morning. Customers expect to receive their beverages and breakfast in a hurry.
Awkward Dance Parties Nightclubs
Manage multiple customer tabs with ease. Quickly serving drinks will not only keep customers happy, but also convince them to come back for more rounds or on other occasions.
Coffee Shop Coffee Shops
Focus’ Coffee Shop POS gives baristas the power to keep lines moving fast by streamlining services with its intelligent interface.
Delivery Delivery
When customers call a restaurant to order take-out or delivery, they want the experience to be as quick and painless as possible — from phone call to receipt of their order.
Fast Food Fast Casual
Fast casual restaurants have emerged as one of the most popular forms of dining. Business people, tourists, and everyone in between are always on the lookout for a place to enjoy a quick lunch.
Food Truck Food Trucks
Food trucks have exploded in popularity in recent years. Workers on lunch breaks, tourists, and people looking for a quick tasty meal can all appreciate the convenience of a food truck.
FroYo Frozen Yogurt
The right frozen yogurt POS system looks great, keeps your shop organized, and improves customer loyalty. You need a reliable, scalable frozen yogurt POS system that will grow with you.
Mexican Mexican
Our POS software accommodates English and Spanish speaking employees and customers which means servers can complete custom orders, print receipts, and checkout customers faster than ever.
Pihzuh Pizza
Whether a pizzeria offers a dine-in area, pick up, delivery, or a combination of the three, every customer demands two things: speed and customizability.
Quick Service Quick Service
The quick service industry requires employees to work at faster pace and more efficiently than ever before. An easy-to-use, intelligent interface to streamline order-taking is essential.